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i want to know the price of ths product hving big capacity battery nd long range in indian currency..and tell me about the refunding option.. "


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Bathroom Spy Camera

Bathroom professional spy camera models are used for special occasions. We can see the importance of their professional design. Our designers will consider the following design elements:

1. Waterproof design. The bathroom is in a wet environment, while the camera is a sophisticated electronic equipment, thus waterproof design is particularly important.
2. HD design. High-definition video, of course, customers preferred the visual enjoyment, so HD video quality is what we have been in constant pursuit. There is no best, only better.
3. Appearance design. Reasonable design, integrated camera and appearance, the bathroom camera will be more hidden and safety. So the design is that hidden element is an important part, so that camera will look almostly no difference with normal use items.
4. Functional design. Functions are to reflect the value of the camera, depending on the applications design reflects the importance of the function.
Such as:
A. motion detection function
motion detection function of taking video files when only the moving objects and activities, effective and rational use of memory and power.
B. Remote control function: user-friendly operation, to reduce the appearance of buttons and connection, the closer to the appearance of the actual     supplies hidden better.
C. night vision function: to facilitate at night the camera can record the objects.
D. low noise degree function: the camera can shoot in a relatively dark environment conditions and the shooting still be able to maintain good.
E. charging while recording function: user-friendly charger to save time.
F. reset function: abnormalities in the camera, the camera can resume normal work after reset.
G. loop recording function: release the old storage space, easy camera to capture the latest picture.
H. voice features: voice recording when there is voice detected,effective and rational use of memory and power!

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