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  • Wholesale Spy Disappearing Ink Pen


  • Wholesale Spy Disappearing Ink Pen
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Spy Disappearing Ink Pen

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      Spy Disappearing Ink Pen

      The unique ink is based on a secret formula developed by KGB scientists during the Cold War period,has been recently adapted into a modern gel pen format. This is the genuine disappearing "spy ink" pen - dont confuse it with the fabric marking pens (usually having purple inka felt-pen tip)novelty pens that others sell as disappearing spy ink pens.Despite its unique capabilities, this pen lookswrites exactly like a regular penwrites in a standard dark blue ink. Since its a gel pen, it writes smoothly with a continuous flow,has a long shelf life. It has a popular 0.5mm point size. It requires almost no downward pressure to write on the paper, so its not necessary to leave indentations on the paper that could possibly be used to reconstruct what was written. Once on paper, the ink appears normal for about 15 minutes. Then it begins to slowly deconstruct. After about an hour, it will have mostly disappeared, but will still be slightly visible. After about 24 to 48 hours it will have completely vanished! Even an inspection under ultraviolet light will come up with nothing. (Fade timecharacteristics may vary depending on ambient environmental conditions.)Now you can write confidentialsensitive notes on documentsbe assured that they will be gone later. Great for those occasions that you want to say something - temporarily. WARNING: Do not use on any legal documentfinancial instrument.

      You've probably seen "disappearing ink pens" before, but you ain't seen nothing like the KGB Disappearing Ink Pen. This pen features a special gel ink developed by real KGB scientists during the Cold War (and made in Russia), that disappears completely. Because it is a gel pen, you don't need to press hard which prevents paper indenting. You'll notice the ink fading within a matter of minutes - and it will be completely gone within 48 hours. And not just faded - gone! Even UV scanners won't be able to detect that anything was ever written with the KGB Disappearing Ink Pen. Spies need the best ( you need the best), and the KGB Disappearing Ink Pen is the best there is.

       Please Note: This is not a cheap invisible ink sort of pen. This is real KGB science. Once the ink disappears, nothing will be able to tell there was ever writing on the paper. Nothing.

      KGB Disappearing Ink Pen
      Looks like a normal pen, but the ink will disappear completely within 48 hours.
      Special ink formula developed by KGB scientists during the Cold War.
      Even UV light won't be able to find a trace of your writing.
      Dimensions: standard pen size - approx. 6"


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